Liquium is revolutionizing the ammonia production process, making it cleaner, cheaper, and scalable enough to decarbonize heavy industries, including shipping, aviation, heat and power generation, and chemical production.

About the Project

Currently, fossil fuels are the only economically viable pathway for ammonia production. Energy sourced from coal and natural gas are required to activate the extreme operating conditions required to synthesize ammonia. For each ton of ammonia produced, three tons of carbon dioxide are emitted, making ammonia production one of the most polluting chemical processes in the world.

Liquium has developed a cost-effective technology to create ammonia at low temperatures and in normal atmospheric conditions, significantly reducing carbon emissions and paving the way for localized, small-scale green ammonia production. Liquium will lower the barrier to entry for clean ammonia production, creating smaller, decentralized plants that are more economically feasible and have a stronger alignment with renewable energy generation projects.

Over time, Liquium aims to scale a solution to fully meet the massive industry demand for clean ammonia.


Franck Natali

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