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Breakthrough Energy Europe works with partners across Europe and the UK to support research and innovation into clean technology, strengthen the voices of clean tech entrepreneurs, and build and expand markets for clean solutions.

The BE Europe team does this through a mix of cutting edge thought leadership, policy engagement and partnerships, demand creation, and ecosystem building in the EU (Brussels) and in countries like France, the UK, Spain, and Germany.

Our priorities include:

  • Green Hydrogen: We support Europe’s ambitions through project facilitation and ecosystem building as well as working with leaders and emerging players in the field.
  • Industrial Decarbonization: We try to enable an accelerated scale-up of key decarbonization technologies through policy initiatives and orchestrating coalitions for initial demand pull.
  • Long-Duration Energy Storage: We support the increased recognition of the role LDES will play in Europe’s plans to decarbonize its power and heating sector.
  • Other Emerging Technologies and Infrastructure: We support initiatives that increase the deployment of many other clean technologies including sustainable aviation fuels and enabling infrastructure.
  • A New Generation of Public-Private Partnerships: We partner with the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the United Kingdom government to accelerate the development and commercial deployment of innovative technologies.

The Europe team collaborates closely with diverse partners and allies from across the public and private sectors, as well as other BE programs like Breakthrough Energy Catalyst in Europe and the UK and Breakthrough Energy Ventures Europe. Together we are working to help strengthen the EU and the UK’s ability to decarbonize their economies and meet their climate and energy security goals by ensuring an accelerated deployment trajectory of clean technology innovation.

Just like technologies need to scale, so do new blueprints for partnerships and collaborations."

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