Our Approach Letting Science Lead the Way

Getting to zero by 2050 might be the most difficult challenge humanity has ever taken on.

That’s because nearly everything we do in our daily lives contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, from how we plug in to how we grow things, make things, get around, and stay cool and warm.

Great ideas are just the beginning. We need a plan—and the willingness to do the hard work—so we can get on track over the next decade and hit our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050."

Humans have been innovating in all these areas for thousands of years—but energy transitions can take centuries, and we don’t have time to wait. Right now, we need the most ambitious innovation program the world has ever seen to build and scale clean technologies that can compete with the ones we’re using now.

At Breakthrough Energy, we are committed to supporting new technologies that change the way we live, eat, work, travel, and make things so we can avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change. We believe that funding cutting-edge research; investing in new clean technologies as they evolve from idea to commercial adoption; crafting smart, tailored, and scalable energy policies; and forging deep partnerships among policymakers, innovators, and industry leaders will lead to positive solutions that can bring clean energy to all.

At Breakthrough Energy We are helping the world get to net-zero emissions and making sure everyone, everywhere gains access to the affordable, reliable energy they need to thrive.

A world powered by clean energy

Breakthrough Energy accelerates the clean energy transition by advancing the solutions we’ll need. A net-zero world will be more healthy, secure, and prosperous. With support from a global network of partners, Breakthrough Energy’s groundbreaking initiatives fund, develop, commercialize, and scale the technologies we need to build a net-zero economy and avoid a climate disaster.

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