Dioxycle is a company that is converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into valuable products through low-temperature electrolysis.


Dioxycle’s technology provides a route to turn CO2 into an asset rather than a pollutant. The goal is to convert CO2, water, and electricity into renewable feedstocks, fuels, and commodities. This is undertaken using Dioxycle’s custom built CO2-converting electrolyzers, which are designed to operate as affordably and efficiently as possible.

This technology will provide a solution for the many industries across the globe that have unavoidable CO2 emissions in their processes. With a device that converts CO2 into low-carbon fuels, Dioxycle will give these industries a means to generate value from their CO2 and therefore an economic incentive to avoid carbon emissions.

Dioxycle is developing novel approaches to design and make membrane electrode assemblies for CO2 electrolyzers. While still in the development stage, Dioxycle has demonstrated the performance of its components in converting CO2, water, and electricity to electro fuels such as carbon monoxide and syngas. Low-temperature, efficient conversion of CO₂ to chemical fuels may enable low-carbon, long-distance transportation such as trucking, shipping and aviation, while the conversion of CO2 to other chemical precursors may serve as a route to renewable polymers and pharmaceuticals.


Sarah Lamaison
David Wakerley

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