Fellows Project Phycobloom

Phycobloom has developed modified algae that produces an oil that can be used for biofuels while also capturing carbon.


Transportation is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide. In long-haul transportation sectors such as aviation and maritime travel, the distance between refueling opportunities makes today’s batteries impractical. In these cases, low-carbon liquid fuels such as advanced biofuels are essential.

Phycobloom has genetically modified algae to create fatty acids that are directly released by the plant, eliminating the traditional harvesting process that can damage the algae. Phycobloom’s novel approach allows for the continuous production and harvesting of algae oil made from nothing more than air, water, and sunlight, removing the need for drying and processing, dramatically improving productivity and enabling continuous harvesting. That oil can then be used in a variety of sustainable fuels while also facilitating the algae’s natural carbon capture system.

Once scaled, Phycobloom hopes to reduce costs and increase productivity of algae oil by 70% in comparison to current processes. This revolutionary innovation will provide a new sustainable biofuel without the carbon-intensive current solutions.