Fellows Project Chement

Chement’s patent-pending technology eliminates all CO₂ emissions in cement production.

About the Project

Concrete is the most widely consumed resource in the world after water, and the production of cement, concrete’s main component, is one of the biggest polluters on the planet.

Chement’s patent-pending technology takes the same cheap and abundant raw materials used to make Portland cement (the most common type). However, Chement employs a room-temperature electrochemical process rather than a 1450 degrees Celsius (2500 degrees Fahrenheit) coal-or gas-fired kiln, which eliminates the first 50 percent of CO₂ emissions in the cement-making process. The other half is chemically released and currently difficult to capture for reuse. Chement’s technology changes this by generating a pure stream of CO₂ and allowing for much cleaner and cheaper carbon capture, resulting in the elimination of the remaining 50 percent of CO₂ emissions.

When produced at scale, this technology could drastically cut the two gigatons of CO₂ produced each year from cement production that account for nearly 8 percent of all emissions worldwide.