Breakthrough Energy Attends EEI 2023

Breakthrough Energy’s aim is to inspire the world to develop and scale the critical solutions we need to reach net-zero emissions—so everyone can enjoy affordable, abundant clean energy.

Updating our transmission system is key to this mission. We depend on power grids every day, for everything from lighting, heating, and cooling, to charging appliances, devices, and vehicles. The trouble is, our nation’s bulk power grids are already outdated—most were built between the 1950s and 1970s, and an estimated 70% of lines will become obsolete in the coming decades. And as the U.S. electrifies new parts of its economy, American consumers’ and businesses’ dependence on the grids will only increase.

Climate change is the hardest problem humanity has ever faced, but I believe we have the ingenuity to solve it. We can have a world powered by cheaper, reliable, and abundant clean energy. To unlock that future, together, we must build more high voltage transmission and embrace advanced energy technologies.

Bill Gates Founder, Breakthrough Energy

We’ve done significant work to invest in the technology, permitting, and policy changes needed to transform the transmission system, but there is more to do. Our team is at EEI to collaborate with other climate leaders on the solutions needed to transform our grid and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

While you’re at EEI, take some time to learn, meet, and join sessions featuring companies in Breakthrough Energy’s network. In the following sessions you can hear directly from our Founder Bill Gates, and the latest technologies and innovations from our portfolio companies.

Meet the Breakthrough Energy Fellows and Ventures portfolio companies who are attending EEI.

Special sessions

Several Breakthrough Energy leaders and leaders from Breakthrough Energy Venture portfolio companies will be featured during the Clean Energy Technology & Innovation Showcase: The Hub on Sunday from 1:00 pm – 4:45 pm.

Sessions include:

  • Panel Discussion: The Future of the Grid in A Clean Energy Economy
    • James Hewett, Manager, Partner and Advocacy, Breakthrough Energy (Moderator)
    • Marc Borrett, CEO & Co-Founder, Reactive Technologies
    • Dane Boysen, CEO, RedoxBlox
    • Justin Briggs, COO and Co-Founder, Antora Energy
    • Phil Larochelle, Partner, Breakthrough Energy Ventures
  • Panel Discussion: Policy Drivers for Clean Energy Innovation: What Comes Next?
    • Brian Wolff, Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President, Public Policy and External Affairs, EEI (Moderator)
    • EEI Chair Warner Baxter, Executive Chairman, Ameren
    • Christina Hayes, Executive Director, Americans for a Clean Energy Grid
    • Robin Millican, Senior Director, U.S. Policy and Advocacy, Breakthrough Energy
    • Rich Powell, CEO, ClearPath
  • Tech Talk: Next-Generation Geothermal Projects
    • Tim Latimer, CEO and Co-Founder, Fervo Energy
  • Fireside Chat: The Nexus Between Climate, Clean Energy, and Emerging Technologies
    • Dr. Mike Boots, Executive Vice President, Breakthrough Energy
    • EEI Vice Chair Pedro J. Pizarro, President and CEO, Edison International
  • Fireside Chat: The Institute for the Energy Transition
    • Gerry Anderson, Chair, Edison Foundation
    • Tom Kuhn, President, EEI 
  • Tech Talk: Modular Pumped Storage
    • Joe Zhou, CEO, Quidnet Energy 
  • Tech Case Study: Long-Duration Energy Storage
    • Bob Frenzel, Chairman, President and CEO, Xcel Energy
    • Mateo Jaramillo, Co-Founder and CEO, Form Energy 
  • Panel Discussion: Advanced Transmission Technologies: Using the Grid Efficiently
    • Antonio Smyth, EVP Grid Solutions and Government Affairs, American Electric Power (Moderator)
    • Tim Heidel, CEO, VEIR
    • Jason Huang, CEO and Co-Founder, TS Conductor
    • Leslie Rich, Senior Consultant, Loan Programs Office, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Tech Talk: Revolutionizing Air Conditioning
    • Daniel Betts, CEO & Co-Founder, Blue Frontier 
  • Panel Discussion: The Nuclear Renaissance
    • Jim Schaefer, Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners (Moderator)
    • Chris Levesque, President and CEO, TerraPower
    • Chris Mowry, CEO, Type One Energy

Don’t forget to check out Bill’s conversation with with EEI Chair Warner Baxter, Chairman, President and CEO, Ameren on Monday from 9:10 – 10:00am

Read more from Breakthrough Energy on what is needed to transform the grid:

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