Our Team

Kaspar Mueller

Software Director, Breakthrough Energy Sciences

Kaspar joined Breakthrough Energy in 2020, leading the technology group responsible for Breakthrough Energy Sciences’ software development, which includes building the power system simulation and data visualization platform for the Grid Modelling Project.

In this role, Kaspar builds on his foundational work at Intellectual Ventures, where he and his team started developing the software that is now used by Breakthrough Energy Sciences to model the energy grid. In addition, he has over seven years’ experience working in academic institutions in Europe and the United States, as a research software engineer. He has collaborated with researchers from KTH Stockholm and the University of Washington to develop software for ocean and atmosphere flow simulations, and model interactions between tsunami waves and man-engineered structures. He holds a Masters Degree in Computational Science and Engineering, from ETH Zurich.

Kaspar grew up in in a small and very picturesque town in Switzerland. He lives now in Seattle with his wife and two children. In their free time, he and his family enjoy travelling and exploring the great outdoors by foot, by bike, or on skis, preferably accompanied by their favorite dog, Ender.