Our Team

Kamilah Jenkins

Software Engineer, Breakthrough Energy Sciences

Kamilah Jenkins is a Software Engineer primarily contributing to the development of the Breakthrough Energy Sciences website. She is a full-stack developer with an art and biopsychology background who enjoys the feeling of working with a close-knit team.

At Textio, a machine-learning linguistics startup, she focused on building maintainable and scalable solutions to product challenges, customer problems, and cultural issues, while adapting and learning on the fly. She has led teams and has built systems that allowed Textio’s platform to be embedded and integrated into Gmail, LinkedIn, and Outlook. Additionally, she helped create a terminal-based visualization of server activity at Microsoft (LEAP) and contributed to a job portal for New York city’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kamilah is an Ohio native who enjoys Olympic weightlifting, surfing, and passionately giving back to communities she’s involved in.