Abdu Issa

Impact Analytics and Reporting Manager, Breakthrough Energy Catalyst

Abdu joined Breakthrough Energy Catalyst in May 2021 as the Impact Analytics and Reporting Manager based in Washington, DC. He is focused on analyzing, measuring, and communicating the impact of funding and investment into emerging climate technologies. He also supports Breakthrough Energy’s engagement around climate corporate reporting, target setting, and financial disclosure.

Prior to joining Breakthrough Energy, he was a member of the Strategy & Sustainability team at Oxy Low Carbon Ventures. He supported Oxy’s transformation into a carbon management business committed to net-zero emissions by leading the development of the direct air capture and CCUS industries. He uses his skills in strategy, finance, and operations to find innovative solutions to complex business problems and create first-of-a-kind business opportunities.

Abdu was raised in Austin, Texas and has a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University. On weekends, he spends time with his wife in Pennsylvania or with their families in Texas. He enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and watching performances.