Americans from coast to coast understand that investing in creating clean energy industries – especially to manufacture products like steel and cement – is a way to build the economic foundation for communities to prosper. Breakthrough Energy commissioned a poll of voters across the country to understand what people thought about additional government investment in emerging clean energy technologies. The poll shows overwhelming support for these investments.

Respondents made clear they think these investments will result in significant job creation both nationwide and in voters’ own communities – in fact, over three quarters of voters nationwide agree that “by developing new clean technologies, we can replace many of the manufacturing and other blue-collar jobs that the country has lost over the last few decades.” Nearly 90% of American voters believe it is important for the federal government to invest in technologies like clean jet fuels and an emissions-free process to produce steel and cement, clean products that would lay the foundation of the net-zero economy.

Breakthrough Energy is developing ways to turn this momentum into action by partnering with policy makers to design the public/private programs that have the best chance of building this new industrial foundation.


Americans Want Historic Investments to Build the Industries that will lead to a Clean Energy Transition

By more than three-to-one margins nationwide, voters believe the country should invest in clean energy technologies as part of our effort to rebuild the economy and feel the federal government should build clean energy facilities across the country to create jobs and kickstart the industries of the future.

Voters’ broad general support for investments in clean energy technologies also translates to strong support for a specific proposal to invest billions in clean energy technology research, development, and demonstration over the next ten years.

Voters widely view investments in a variety of potential technologies as important…

When voters learn about some of the technologies being considered as potential federal investments, they overwhelmingly rate each of the items tested as important targets for investment from the federal government. Investing in new processes to produce cement and steel without polluting, for example, is seen as important by Democrats (94% important), Republicans (72%), African Americans (93%), Hispanics (79%), and white college and white non-college voters (both 82%) across battleground states.

Voters support investing $75 billion in clean energy technology by more than two-to-one. Over 80% believe federal investment in specific clean technologies is important.


… And support various approaches to boost these technologies:

Voters strongly support investing billions in direct R&D, demonstration, procurement, and tax credits for these clean technologies.


Voters see national AND local benefits to tackling climate change.

By overwhelming margins, voters agree that investing in new clean energy technologies specifically will benefit the economy and create jobs – not only at the national level but at the local level for regular people as well:


Voters believe clean energy technologies have the potential to replace lost blue-collar manufacturing jobs.

Voters believe clean energy technologies have the potential to replace lost blue-collar manufacturing jobs. Nearly three fourths of voters believe that developing new clean energy technologies can replace many of the jobs that have been lost in America over the last few decades:


Global Strategy Group conducted an online + phone survey of 801 registered voters nationwide, 520 voters in Arizona, 524 voters in Georgia, 512 voters in Nevada, 501 voters in New Hampshire, 538 voters in Pennsylvania, 517 voters in Wisconsin, and 865 interviews in battleground House Districts from May 20-28, 2021. The survey had a confidence interval of +/- 3.5% for the nationwide sample, +/- 4.4% for the statewide samples, +/- 1.8% for the combined Senate battleground, and +/- 3.3% for the House battleground. Care has been taken to ensure the geographic and demographic divisions of the populations of the electorates are properly represented, and the data was weighted to the actual 2020 results statewide. Read the full memo and polling deck here.

Senate battleground states surveyed: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

Districts surveyed: AZ-01, CA-10, CA-45, CA-49, CT-05, GA-06, GA-07, IA-03, IL-14, KS-03, ME-02, MI-08, MI-11, MN-02, NH-01, NJ-03, NJ-07, NJ-11, NV-03, NV-04, NY-19, OR-04, PA-07, PA-08, PA-17, TX-07, TX-15, TX-32, VA-02, VA-07, WA-08, and WI-03.