Building Toward a Better Future

Delivering zero-carbon electricity for our homes, offices, hospitals, schools, and more.

In the next 40 years, the world’s building stock is expected to double, the equivalent of building a new New York City every month. Yet buildings emit harmful greenhouse gases in two ways: via embodied carbon emissions (in the steel, cement, and iron used to build them, for instance) and via operational carbon emissions (the energy required to light, heat, and cool them). To eliminate the carbon footprint of our built environment, next-generation buildings and building materials must be more efficient, smarter, and cheaper than those we use today.

Technical Quests

Some of the technical quests we see as worthwhile areas for investigation involve small-scale efficiencies: heating, cooling, windows, lighting, and appliances. Others deal more with larger-scale questions: building-level electricity and thermal storage, for example, and next-generation building management.

What makes an investment viable? We have 4 criteria for vetting our ventures.

Selection Criteria